Long-term car rental

Long- term car rental is becoming more prosperous with each passing day among business clients. It is an amazing alternative to lease agreement, which charge company’s budget.Moreover it is a guarantee for well-maintained cars and effective management of car fleet.

Why it’s worth renting?

From the viewpoint of entrepreneurs, long-term renting is above all a convienient form of gaining new vehicles for the use of the firm. It is a practical and proven way to support the development of your company. Furthermore it is appreciated among traders all over the country. Long-term rental has clear rules and is a perfect way for small, medium and developing companies in which a vehicle upgrades significantly  business activity.

Perks of long-term rental:

  • Costs  predictability,
  • Car fleet management,
  • Access to the best vehicles,
  • Attractive offer in terms of finances,
  • Service and car care.

We support you during each journey

Long-term rental- make use of it today, save money and enjoy new car

Things you get from our package

Car rental company Vcar offer you only new, well-equipped automobiles and delivery cars at affordable prices for a long-term renting. This service includes lots of facilities/conveniences that enable you to focus on your business instead of administrating the whole car fleet of your company.

Technical service

Checking the technical service and taking care of car efficiency belong to our duties. Our client doesn’t have to be worried about vehicle servicing.

OC and AC insurance

All of our cars remain compulsory insured in terms of OC as well as the whole AC package. Thanks to that car driver is provided with extended care.

Car from the OC package

In case of an accident we guarantee you a substitute car for the time of repair or damages payment that comes from the insurer.